completely delighted!

1. I got to sleep in this morning till 8.

2. Shawn Carnes and Beau installed a disposal into our sink.  We’ve been wanting one for 5 years, but there isn’t a plug anywhere on the sink wall in our house and Beau didn’t know how to do the wiring.  Oh the JOY!  I feel like my kitchen is bigger.  It’s like a portal to another world.  Shawn said, “It doesn’t take much to make her happy!”

I get that a lot.

3. My friend Liz read on here that I like birch and she’s offered to let me take some logs from their stash from a tree they cut down.  Excitement!!!  I saw a piece of bark for sale for $50 the other day.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to get some pretty logs for free!

4. It’s supposed to snow this weekend.  Giggety!

5. So Delicious Eggnog.  It does taste like coconut, but it also does taste like egg nog. I didn’t think I’d like that combo, but I really DO

6. Oliver and I had a sweet moment this morning where we were snuggling looking out the window and two emerald hummingbirds hummed up to the window to say hi.

7. Perspective.  My mom reminded me of my cousin (who lives far far away and I haven’t seen in ten years) who has a son with Leukemia and has been in the hospital for months. My momentary struggles and trials seem like fluff to dust off compared with that.

8. I woke up with perfect Zooey Deschanel hair this morning.  I know I shouldn’t care about these things, but when the majority of mornings I wake up looking like the crypt keeper…it made me pretty happy.

9. I enjoyed watching my dad wrestle with my boys so much last night I was laughing to tears.  I took some video and know that 50 years from now I will watch them and weep. I probably won’t even remember that Oliver is now back to crawling because he was so roughed up by his wolf pack!  These days are so precious.

I can tell when people pray for me.  I feel a peace that is not my own.  Thank you.

One thought on “completely delighted!

  1. that last one gave me chills! Sometimes I wonder if God just shakes His head at me when I am surprised and therefore blessed when I find out my specific prayers for others were answered ;-)

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