Just a little follow up…

Oliver’s surgery is scheduled for November 29th.  (No time as of yet because they wait until three days before.)  And he’s able to walk!  With a little tylenol and a limp.  Limp, drag, limp, drag, limp.  Tiny Tim definitely comes to mind.  God bless us, every one!

Isn’t today a glowy show of sunlit ruby color? I’m working on a painting at my kitchen counter with a brilliant view of a changing plum tree.  Oliver’s napping and my Dad is taking Finn on a walk through the woods down to the beach.  I’m feeling much better and, while still frazzled, brave.  Thank you for your thoughts and kind words, those who commented :)

Something sweet: Finn was melancholy yesterday and I asked him why.  He said, “I want to touch a fairy,” and stuck out his bottom lip.  Now there’s pure childhood for you.  No need for perspective or responsibility.  Sadness over something light and airy and free, not divorce or surgery or hunger.  I’m so thankful for that. I want to keep his little mind in that sweet state for as long as I can!

It’s also decidedly Peter Pan isn’t it?  The other morning he woke us all up by crowing loudly.  Maybe one day I’ll find he’s flown off to Neverland with Tink.

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