I love your orange laughter.

Yesterday my sister Jamie had the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever seen.  TO ORANGES! 

It is ironic…at least in the Alanis Morisette sense, because while Beau and I were buying snack for Finn’s preschool class the other day, steering clear of anything with peanuts, we settled upon a bunch of oranges.  Beau said, “have you ever heard of someone being allergic to oranges?”

Yes.  Jamie.

It is a weird phenomenon.  She was born among orange trees and ate them every day when she was a baby.  (perhaps that is the very reason why she is allergic now?)  She only began sneezing after eating orange juice about a year ago.  She would still drink it occasionally because the sneezing was all it was.  But yesterday during Magical Marathon while eating a delicious french toast breakfast she prepared for us…Surprise!

She began to puff up like the stinging hex.

I am feeling very strange about this whole thing because orange is one of my favorite flavors.  My wedding cake was chocolate orange cheese cake.  My jam of choice is marmalade. (Me and the Paddington Bear!)  I make myself orange clove mochas and triple sec sangria.  I always get those orange milano cookies for Beau and those orange jelly filled chocolate sticks.  I love candied orange peel and clementine candles!  AND there’s nothing like eating a ripe juicy orange on a summer’s day.  Or a satsuma in your stocking! 

What if it had been me?  Why, out of the three of us orange tree babies, did this sweet nectarous fruit become a wicked elixir of Snape potion proportions…to Jamie?  I’m so sad for her!

But I’m glad for me.The title is from this poem by Pablo Neruda.  from which this lovely line can be found:

“and you arrive and you are lightning
glancing off the peach trees.”


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