1. Bunny tail grass.

2. This rug.  I LOVE the one blue flower.

I’ve been looking up Italian villas online and one of the things I LOVE about the rooms is their rugs.  I need more faded, understated, sweet florals in my life!

3. Experimenting with clementine candles. 

I’ve put cinnamon in them, cut shapes in their tops, and given one to Beau that he forgot about in his office and let burn for 4 hours.  We went on a date last night and while in a little shop smelled a candle burning that was orange and clove.  We both loved it so much!  Later I realized why we might like that scent!  I need to buy some cloves and stick them in oranges.

4. Dipping clementine slices in cinnamon.

5. playing with old school curlers.

6. Catching delinquent children.  I Found some green marker scribble on the wall.  Who is the culprit?  Could it be this little boy hiding his face on the ground?

7. Tinted moisturizer. If I don’t look a little sunkissed I look a little dead.

8. This moon sweatshirt. Setting over my baby!

3 thoughts on “

  1. I thought you should know …

    I made Evan go with me to the grocery store tonight (technically Thanksgiving morning) at 12:30am to buy clementines because I forgot when I made him go shopping with me earlier today that I wanted to try your clementine candles in my centerpieces for tomorrow. He was far too nice about the whole situation!

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