feather sweater…

fluffy feathers + a grey cable sweater + buttons from my mother’s stash = my new favoritest adornment!  The Anthropologie version costs approximately $300 more.  Eep!  Don’t you love a little ingenuity and hot glue?

I may add some more to make the shoulders a little bit more fluffy, but right now I’m loving the subtlety. (is that possible with feathers on your shoulders?) I’m not sure what kind of bird these feathers are from, but they had the perfect amount of soft grey and just a touch of brown and green and faun.  Maybe a feasant?

Also of note today: While I was trying to get a picture of my own shoulders that didn’t look stupid, I also found these lovelies popping up everywhere in the moss.  Is that a chantrelle?  What is that colony of buttons?  I would NEVER eat a mushroom from my yard.  (I would never eat a mushroom)  But I am curious to know their cultivars.

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