Happy November!

I want it to snow.  I want it to snow so bad I can smell it. Let the holidays begin!!

Here are some Goings ons :

♥ I just made a clementine candle.  It’s a little oil lamp that uses the pith as the wick, the skin as the vase, and a little olive oil as the burning agent.  Instructions:

  • Carefully make a cut around the circumference of the clementine (or satsuma)
  • Remove the peel, being careful to keep and pull out the long white pith thingy that runs down the center of the clementine.  This will be your wick.
  • Try to flatten the bottom of the side that has the wick so it can sit flat.
  • Fill the clementine with olive oil up to just under the end of the wick. (like a candle)
  • Light the wick.  This will take many attempts.  I think you have to essentially dry out the juice inside the pith before the oil will light.  I’d use a mechanical lighter if you have one.
  • Cut a star in the other half of the clementine.
  • Put the other half on top of the candle and turn out the lights!

(I originally learned how to do this at Apartment Therapy, but wanted to make my own “how to”)

♥ I can’t get over how much I love this Anthropologie feather sweater. I fully intend to find a sweater similar to this one and sew some feathers on the shoulders.  Michaels has little packets of beautiful feathers in earthy natural browns.  I’ve always wanted to buy them but never had a project for them.  Yippee!  I can also see a sweet feather collar instead. I can’t wait to wear it!

♥I am going to make an Autumn African dinner this week!  Spice African Yam Soup and Mombasa Pumpkin Dessert.  Don’t those sound so loverly and fallish and exotic!?  I am soooo excited to make them!

But Ummm…did you know how expensive cardamom is?  When I went to the store for the ingredients I found out that a tiny jar is SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!  WHAT?!  I said quite loudly in the store, “What is this magical spice?!”  Sometimes I forget that the boys aren’t with me and say things that would come across as normal if they were.  This time I just looked a little bit strange.  I wish I was wearing that feather sweater so I could complete the look.

So now I am TERRIFICALLY INTRIGUED by what this Mombasa pumpkin dessert is going to taste like!  And I’ll have enough cardamom to make other desserts as well.  It might as well be magic for how mysterious it seems.  I haven’t even opened the jar to smell it.  I’m saving it for when I’m actually making the meal!

♥I am loving birch logs.  I want to fill my fireplace with them (with no intention of burning them).  Their white bark and little dark lines and papery delicateness are so pretty! I wish I had a big birch tree to cut off a few limbs from. the last three images were off uncrediting sites.  If one is your picture let me know!

7 thoughts on “Happy November!

  1. uh…satsuma olive oil candle?! african menu?! feather sweater?! get out of my brain!! …but seriously. i love that we love so many of the same things, and now i feel like i’m in the dark, hungry, and cold. i want it all! ;)

  2. You have actually JOURNEYED to Africa, Erin! Or should I say, Karen Von Blixen? …Owner of owlets and african coffee farms. I would love to spend a vacation inside YOUR brain!

  3. Check to see if you have an Indian grocer in your neighborhood (or a neighborhood that’s a reasonable distance). I get ALL of my spices there because it is so much cheaper. And it’s much less painful when you decide cardamom should be in everything. Because you will.

  4. That’s a great idea Katie! I think I do. Monica Church was telling me about one ages ago and I never checked it out. Looks like I really need to get on that now!

  5. We had to cut down a ginormous birch when we bought our new house. The wood is the BEST smelling fire ever!! If you want to try it, I can give you some- we have birch coming out of our ears!

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