Halloween was wonderful.  And crazy.  Oliver got some x rays and a new cast that day at the children’s hospital.  I wish I had a picture of how much the bones in his foot have progressed to show you.  They were the absolute opposite of what they were supposed to be and now are half way to normal.  He’ll have a surgery in the next couple of weeks (a bit of an intense one by the sound of it) and then more casts.

Oliver’s file says EXCEPTIONALLY COOPERATIVE.  They say he’s the most easy going baby they’ve ever experienced.  Me too.  I’m a little nervous about the next one because I’m sure I’m being totally spoiled.

(However…when I took him in for his shots last week I was reading the paperwork that said 18 month olds can seem angrier because they’re asserting their independence.  I laughed…ha ha not my Oliver!  THEN as he was so sad about his shots I asked him if he wanted a kiss and he screamed, “NAAAA” and hit me in the face.  The irony of the situation made me laugh even harder!)

After our appointment (that seemed to take a million years) we went to Grace Kitchen at UVillage.  Oh goodness do I love their chutney burger.  Some kind of carmelized onion and raisin goodness with bacon and grass fed beef.  It’s too good to even consider other things on the menu. Do I look tired?  I am.

Finn has been SO CRAZY lately!  Halloween night ended in an hour long sugar-and-trick-or-treating-fun induced tantrum.  I had to start throwing handfuls of candy into the garbage to make him stop.  Every day I let out a sigh and say, “what should I do?” But he’s also SO DARLING!  Naughty and nice rolled into one.  Such a Huckleberry Finn!  Part of it is that he’s just so darn self sufficient.  He says he doesn’t want a Mother, only a Mama. (A fun comforting friend, not a disciplinary matriarch).

But Halloween morning started very differently.  The night before Finn was really scared and I told him to ask Jesus to help him. He said, “JESUS IS BUSY! HE’S OUTSIDE FIGHTING MONSTERS. I’M NOT AFRAID OF MONSTERS, I’M AFRAID OF THE DARK!” So I explained how Jesus is everywhere, even in his heart. He drew this when he woke up:

Jesus in his heart.  Not a bad thing to have on All Hallows Eve!

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  1. I didn’t even know Grace Kitchen was at U Village! Need to go. Also, I LOVE the pic of Beau and Oliver sucking on the straw! And that’s he’s ‘exceptionally cooperative.’

  2. Yes, it’s where the noodle barn used to be. I love the decor too!

    I love that picture too. I may frame it :)

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