Changing leaves are MAGICAL.

Edmonds Main Street is perfect for a fall stroll right now!  Yesterday Oliver and I went for a walk down to the waterfront and in and out of little shops and, of course, we sat under this glory with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks! :)

Changing leaves are MAGICAL. I love the part in Thumbelina where the fairies come out riding butterflies sprinkling their dust on everything to make it turn gold. They do something similar in Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, too.  Finn was fake crying the other day because he’s so sad he can’t find any fairies outside.  He knows they aren’t real but he gets his reality a little blurred sometimes.  The other day he let me know it was not a wizard but JESUS who put the sword in the stone.

We worked together to try to create something magical in the play room…Spiderwebs, leaves, and orange lights.  I know it looks cheesetastical, but Finn was ECSTATIC about it.  I love him.Note his orange shirt.  His class had an orange party yesterday.  And then we went to a Dia de los Muertos party that night at my sister Jamie’s house.  It was SO beautiful.  Candles, sugar skulls, margaritas, marigolds, sweet bread!  I’ve always wanted to experience something like that.  I was overwhelmed by all the love and creativity that went into it.  So much loveliness for an often times all too creepy holiday.  I LOVE Halloween and harvest time when it’s done right!

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