I found a little fox and a wolf in the woods today.
Christy and I met up with the kiddos for a walk in the POURING rain.  Case and Finn loved the puddles and muddy leaves! And then it cleared up to a perfect blue sky and a million sparkling drips in the leaves.  We went out to lunch and then I took the boys on another walk to Marsh Island.

I did see a really big racoon on the trail and lots and lots of squirrels.  Oliver LOVES animals, and he loves all the leaves.  He would point up to pretty changing lit up red ones overhead and say, “Treeeee!” I should also confess how I got SO ANGRY at a car that didn’t stop for us when we were stepping out into the street to cross, but just swerved around us instead, that I yelled at the top of my lungs and flailed my arms “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T STOP!!!”  I’m a little on edge.  Yesterday I fell down the stairs with Oliver (we’re okay, but Oliver has a couple chipped teeth and a bump on his head and I feel like half my body has whip lash and my ribs and hip hurt a bit).  Ever since I’ve been nervous about walking in general.  I’m usually not so uneasy, but I had trouble even just walking downhill in the rain today because I was getting so nervous.  I feel like Mrs. Bennet:  “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I SUFFER.  MY POOR NERVES!”

So anyway…if you were the driver of that car, I’m sorry I lost my temper.  I’m sure you just didn’t see us.  All 6 of us.

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  1. It is so scary to fall when your pregnant. I have done it twice with 2 of my past babies. Did you get checked out to make sure your baby is okay? So sorry that happened!

  2. Thanks BethAnne. Twice? So scary! I’m not too worried because I didn’t fall on my stomach, and I can still feel the baby moving. (And there’s no leaking of any kind). I’ll mention it at my next check up, though, just to be sure.

    By the way…I forgot to say congratulations to you on your pregnancy! I’m so glad things are going well for you :)

  3. Okay. LOVE Oliver’s haircut. LOVE whatever you did to your blog to make it easier for me to read it. LOVE you. Glad you’re okay!

  4. Thanks, Bridget! :-) We are happy. My kids can’t wait for the new baby.
    Yes, I fell twice. The first time was with my first son and I tripped on some gravel and fell flat on my 8 month prego belly! I ended up going into pre-term labor and spent a day at the hospital on some crazy medication they gave me to stop it. It worked though and all was well. The second time was with my previous pregnancy…I tripped on a step and flew forward, but luckily i caught myself with my hands. Scary though! Well, I am glad to hear baby seems just fine. Too bad little Oliver had to chip some teeth. Can they be fixed?

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