Tree glitter!

I LOVE going to the arboretum and to Madison Park during the fall.  Everything is juuuust starting to turn.  Beau, the boys and I went there for lunch, cupcakes, and to peek into the japanese garden today before getting Oliver’s new cast and then dropping Beau off at the airport.  Whew!

Bright color and twinkling light and mossy pathways make me feel so alive in an otherwise dreary time of year.  I always end up going a few times throughout October and November.  The beauty is necessary.It was a perfect day for it, too, because I felt a little bit like crying.  Not so much for missing Beau right now, but for how much I wish I was getting on that plane with him!!

The title of this post is inspired both by the way the leaves looked in the sunlight, and a cupcake I had today.  It was lemon coconut and the frosting was covered with edible glitter.  I’d never seen that before!  We all got a noseful :)

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