Today Beau leaves for Budapest.  For eight days of mobile wrangling meetups and wordpress fun.  I will be here with two wild things and a protruding belly. 

I was feeling a little nervous about it until I saw a thread on Facebook between a couple of army wives talking about how they hate it when other women complain about their husbands being gone for a little while…cry me a river and all that jazz. And then there’s women with trucker husbands, and swing shift husbands, and absent husbands…I started feeling really guilty about feeling nervous.

So I’m not going to complain.  I’m just going to say, BON VOYAGE!

And every day this week I’m going to take a moment to imagine some beautiful thing in Budapest (Beau says Dan Roundhill will take lots of pictures…I hope so!) and try to get out and do splediferous and out of the ordinary things with the boys.  I’m not sure what those things may be but I have some magic up my sleeve when pressed!


4 thoughts on “BON VOYAGE!

  1. YES PLEASE! We went to the Japanese garden today for a little while so we could go with Beau, but I really want to go again and go for a long walk in the arboretum next week. The Japanese garden is just starting to change colors, but the big trees in the arboretum haven’t started yet.

  2. Hang in there! I am husbandless this week as well. Although mine is only in the next state and not another country. It is hard though. At least you only have 2 little ones to care for, I have 4. Whew! Makes for one tired mama. ;-)

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