feeling wild.

You know the end of Where the Wild Things Are?  Where Max returns to his room and his supper is waiting for him?  The supper that he was sent to bed without because he was too wild?

Well I told Beau that I’m so ashamed of all the mistakes I’ve been making as a mother and I feel like Max adrift at sea and among the wild things and I’m waiting to return home and have my supper.

I’m waiting for that moment of grace.

He said, “Bridget, you’re a wonderful mother.  I’m sure if you told the stories you have about things that have happened with your boys, everyone would say they don’t know how their kids have survived, either.”


“And it was still hot.”

By the way, My great Grandpa and my Great Great Grandpa’s name was Max.  There’s a literary boy name!  But not my cup of tea for a son.  But still…fun.

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