Today Trader Joe’s was out of canned pineapple.

For some reason I really didn’t feel like cutting up a whole pineapple, but I NEEDED to make Hawaiian pizza.  I just got it in my head that without Hawaiian pizza, life was over.  (Which is weird because I had some 2 days ago.)  So I grabbed some mango instead.  And then I remembered that Erin and I had had a mango pizza before in Hawaii.  With yellow onion.  That was amaaazing. The head cogs.  They turned.

(Erin and I at red sand beach, moments before eating mango pizza)

(The actual locale of said pizza.)

So of course, tonight I made a mango pizza.  With grilled yellow onion, olives, quatro formaggio, pizza sauce, fresh herbs, and Goop’s pizza dough.  The only thing I would have added (and now I am going to do this whole thing over again in order to experience it) is bacon.  I would grill it up with the onion, oh yes.  Not Canadian bacon, mind you, bacon.  It sounds so good my mouth is watering.I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s tender mercies…to make some mango pizza.  It’s so ridiculously good.  You will be whisked away to Hawaii.  Unless of course you don’t think fruit and pizza are two things that mix.  Like my friend Rich.  Who also can’t swim, so I don’t think he is a very good person to trust with pizza.  Or river rafting.

I hope he doesn’t read this!

That is all.

(The top picture is of my sisters and I. I’m the one with the mullet.)

(Annnd..Erin’s birthday is on Wednesday!  Yippeeee!)

6 thoughts on “Today Trader Joe’s was out of canned pineapple.

  1. Sara: I used very ripe mango (slightly mushy), sliced it pretty thin, and put it under the cheese. But I would imagine that above the cheese would have given it a bit more of a carmelized effect. I think either would be good!

    Ellen, Valerie: Isn’t it? I think I need to frame it. It makes me so happy!

  2. Love the sisters pic! Currently in Cartagena, Colombia where mangos are plentiful and yummy. Now if only I could manage the rest of the ingredients. :) Might have to wait until I get home. Bridget, you’re such an inspiration!

  3. my mouth is WATERING.

    can you believe no one would go with me to the pizza place this last time?! hooligans. i should have just gone myself.

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