Star bellied Bridget

As my boys say…”Taaaa!” (Tada).  Gold and copper paint, butcher paper, an old blue tank, and lots and lots of time with a cutting board and a fruit knife.  Ok…so this was supposed to be freezer paper and the nice lady at the market told me the butcher had freezer paper.  Unfortunately whatever this was did not have enough wax on one side to stick to the shirt when ironed, so I ended up just using it as a stencil.  The end result is a lovely homemade imperfect smudge.  It’s so cute!

Or is it the baby that makes it cute?  Difficult to tell.

I love this time of year.  It gives you freedom to be sparkly, ridiculous, and magical.  Not that that’s not all year long for me.  Just a little more acceptable when Halloween comes!

One thought on “Star bellied Bridget

  1. Very creative! I love it. Yes, the belly makes it cute as welll. :-) Pregnant bellies are always adorable. Speaking of….I’m pregnant finally! I am 8 weeks now and due at the end of May! We are thrilled.

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