All starry eyed.

  • I love this tutorial on how to put a sweet gold heart on a shirt over at that’s happy.  I want to try it with this design over at Bonbi Forest.  But I don’t like slouch sweaters so maybe on a blouse? With gold paint on purple maybe?


  • I also ADORE this necklace.  And found a much cheaper fake silver version at world market the other day.  I kinda want to get a birthday constellation for each of my kids (for me to wear).  That would really only be two more pendants since Finn and the next baby could even have the same exact birthday!  I’m not into astrology at all, but I love astronomy…and the stars…and I like the idea of having the stars that were overhead when you were born (or gave birth to your babies!) on a necklace.  God made them after all!  The one to the right is Aquarius.  Beau, Finn, and my next baby all have birthdays with those stars!

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  1. Oh, Beau. He took that job way too seriously! I am very excited for the four (soon to be five!) of you. Having him at home will be so wonderful, even though we will miss him at K2. Congratulations on all the great things happening with your family!!

  2. Thank you, Melissa! One thing he will miss, though, is his awesome boss and coworkers! Thank you for being so wonderful :)

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