Hello.  My name is Oliver.  And this is my 12th cast. I can now walk as easily on this thing as a swarthy pirate on a peg leg.  Or Tiny Tim.  Take your pick.  The surgeon says I need another surgery in a few weeks so this casting business isn’t going away any time soon.

I have a cold today but instead of making me cranky it is making me deliriously giggly and happy.  I thought it was REALLY funny when I stuck my hand in my poopy diaper this morning and touched my face.  My favorite word to say is YUCKY!  It makes me laugh so hard! Poop on face…YUCKY!  Hehehehe!

Wherever I go, my wolf goes.  Or any fuzzy thing for that matter.  I am SO sensitive.  My brother is really rough with me and it is such a tragedy.  But I’m really good at pinching him :)

I love to eat.  I love kisses.  I love books.  I love kissing my books.  My favorite show is Shawn the Sheep. My favorite person in the whole wide world is my Mama.  If she would carry me around like some kind of parasitic twin for the rest of my life I’d do it.  When this baby person comes I am going to be SO jealous.  So I’m getting lots of snuggle time in now!

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