I want this sweater/coat. (Michelle Pfeiffer in Ladyhawke) The color and everything.  Oliver has a new cast this week and it’s the perfect shade of blue.  It’s this shade. (light cornflower?  slate sapphire?)

Here’s a story about a blue coat.  It’s boring.  I have a gift card for anthropologie that I’ve been saving for a while for just the right thing.  (I think in the end it’s going to be bath towels because we’ve used ratty old beach towels for 8 years.  Really.) But I saw this frilly blue coat online that I loved.  The frilled Echelons pea coat.  I was going to Children’s to have Oliver recasted and figured I’d drop into Anthro because it’s nearby, try it on as quick as a lick and buy it.  WEll…I did.  And then we got Oliver’s cast.  And Oliver’s cast is such a perfect shade of blue!  And then the coat looked decidedly TEAL.  So I returned the coat the next day.  Now the blue is sold out.  I hope somebody out there REALLY wanted a size 4 and was oh so happier than happy to find one that day!

I warned you it was boring!

Also: I want a cute frilly peacoat because I saw one on a little girl the other day and it made me sad I don’t have a little girl.  And I thought…I AM a little girl!

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