I am on a quest to make the perfect crispy thin pizza.  It does not help that I don’t have a wood fire oven and have a great fear and aversion to hot pizza stones.  (They crack!  They burn!  They’re heavy!)  But I’ve been making do.   My latest favorite way to cook these suckers is to stretch the dough out as thin as I possibly can onto sprayed cookie sheets.  I put them in the oven (with all their toppings on) at 500 degrees for 8 minutes.  It’s taken me, oh, about 3 years to figure out the correct ratio of cheese, sauce, tomato innards etc. to make sure they aren’t too wet so they’ll cook correctly.  I have made some serious duds.  The main thing, I think, is to not put too much buffalo mozzarella cheese on.  Blasphemy!  But it’s true.  Beau has talked about us going to a class in California to become experts in Neapolitan pizza, but I figure why not actually go to Italy to learn?  Something like this maybe?  SIGH.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I had to comment, because I found PW’s 70’s Filter several months ago, and it’s still my favorite way to edit pictures. :)

  2. I have a Pampered Chef pizza stone which I got four years ago as a wedding gift… its well seasoned now, but we’ve never cracked it {and its been dropped!}. Yes, its heavy, but its wonderful for getting a nice, crispy crust =)

  3. Ha! That’s funny because I had a pampered chef one that cracked right in half as I took it out of the oven! The one I have now burns really easily. I also just really dislike having to make the pizza on something that’s already hot. I burn myself so easily. Anyway, I probably just need to get over it. Or have someone show me how to do it right! Thank you though!

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