Surprise! Jude has more buds!

Two big cabbages were opening and there’s a couple more buds still on the bush. How did I miss them?

They’re just what I needed this morning.  physically and metaphorically speaking.  Lately I’ve been questioning whether or not we’re really ready for another baby.  Especially a boy.  Too late!  But that’s my personality.  I worry about everything.  It hits around bedtime when the boys can’t get to sleep at night.  I start to imagine what adding another rambunctious little bundle to their shared room is going to look like.  I’ve been getting a little depressed or stressed about whether we made the right decision.  I thought Oliver was the last one, just like I thought Jude had it’s last rose.  But these roses are just as lovely and sweet and completely different.  And they make me happy.

This morning as we were sitting eating our shephards eye……

Is there anything better than shephard’s eye? Finn said that he wants to make it for Pappy and Nana and Beepa and Grandmother because it tastes SO GOOD…”Like crab and lobster!” But I digress……

We’re sitting there and I’m euphorically smelling the roses and Finn says, “I LOVE the baby in your tummy!” (he usually doesn’t bring it up unless I do) “We have a boy and now we’re going to have a girl!”  No Finn.  It’s another boy, remember?  “Oh yeah!  I love the baby boy!  His name is Harry Potter.”

Anyway.  Goodmorning.

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