The GREAT Prosser balloon rally!!!

This weekend my parents, my sister Jamie, and we camped out in a cute little rv park in the desert.  We went wine tasting, aqua pool swimming, street fairing, kite flying, country road walking, marshmallow roasting, and night glowing!! The quintessential small town experience. It was magic.  …..Also it was 90 degrees.  Whew!

Click twice to enlarge

This last one was taken by my sister Jamie.  She and my parents were able to go to the actual balloon launch (that we saw from a short distance from our tent.)  We were going to go to the one the next morning but weather did not permit it.  Oh well!  (we’ll have to go back :)

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  1. i would also like to be there the next time you go!…(is that presumptuous? i’m sorry….i’m just sort of obsessed with hot air balloons.)

  2. Jamie: Me too! Love you!

    Erin: Of course! If we go again next year we’ll probably be in a hotel with the baby. It’d be fun to go for a little longer and be able to go to all three morning balloon launches. That way if anyone was coming to any of them we could all meet up! I think if you love balloons, you HAVE to go to a balloon launch! I only wish there were more of them in Washington. There’s one in Walla Walla and one in Spokane. But there are a TON in states that have more predictable weather. There’s a HUGE international one in New Mexico with hundreds of balloons. I want to go! And now I REALLY want to go up in one. It would be AMAZING to be up there with all the other balloons, but at this rally they only take up their sponsers. Hmmmm…I wonder how much it costs to be a sponser :)

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