Change.  Lots of it.  All in the breadth of a single day I hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy, Oliver restarted the casting process, and Beau got a new job.  Where?  WORDPRESS!!!  (Oh..excuse me.  Beau says he technically works for Automattic.  His official title is Mobile Wrangler.  If I understood the last two sentences I would explain them to you.)

Which actually means here.  He’ll be working from home.  This is an absolute dream come true.

As always, leaving a company is hard, though, and Beau is sad to leave K2 behind.  He’s a very loyal person and equates leaving a company to a divorce.  But there’ll be plenty of exciting perks to take his mind off of it, I’m sure.  For example, and I think this is by far the best one: Beau will be working with Dan Roundhill!!  Ah life.  It is sweet. Sarah and I are pretty much beside ourselves.  This is just TOO much fun.  I might pass out.  Did I mention our babies are due within 2 days of eachother?  Actually one.  My due date is now the 8th.  Eeee!

And one of the biggest changes?  My blog!!  Haha…not the biggest.  But I definitely can’t have a blogger blog while my husband works for WordPress, can I?  So I’m getting used to all the differences and slick new interface.  Blogger was changing theirs anyway so I was ready for it.  So here we are!  Welcome to WordPress!

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  1. So maybe Beau can show me how to ask WordPress not to put ads on my posts. I’m willing to pay extra to get those things off. Love your pretty wordpress page! Very cool!

  2. Ellen: Go to Dashboard; Store ; No Ads. You DO have to pay! I noticed that right away when browsing through. Also noticed that you can’t have an Etsy Mini in your widgets! But I’m a smart girl and made a screen shot with a link :)

  3. Love the layout/design. It inspires me to change up mine (which I haven’t done since I started it)! Time for change indeed!

    And, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” Love that Beau accepted the job. Love being pregnant with you. Love the idea of future family vacations together. (I’m still thinking Italy next)!

  4. Thanks Bridget. For me it’s showing that it will cost $29.00 a year to take them all off. I’m probably going to go ahead and pay that cuz I really don’t like those ads popping up.

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