Today was a wondrous day. For my taste buds.

About 8 years ago Beau and I were at a restaurant that served a little something called Sopapaillas. It was by far the best desert I have ever tasted in my life. We both agreed it was our favorite thing we’d ever eaten. It was like bread? Fry bread? Like a fritter? Or a doughnut? What was it? We couldn’t put our finger on it and never saw it or heard of it again. But we’ve always talked about it like it’s the end all desert to life. I had searched for a recipe, to no avail. (I think I probably forgot the name of it and didn’t search right). BUT I somehow stumbled upon it on Allrecipes the other day. It’s a Chilean dish, but served all over south and central America and, get this…it’s made with SQUASH! I was SO surprised! Beau didn’t even believe me. He doesn’t really care for squash. But I decided to make it (with a few little tweaks and tips from other Chilean bloggers)…and….low and behold….

Yep. It’s pretty much glorious. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and that yummy sweetish earthy taste you can’t quite name. Just how I remember our sopapaillas con helados 8 years ago.

It’s also super easy to make: the recipe is here.

Please make it. And tell me you did and that you LOVED IT! Google image search it. Others’ look even better and more tastier than mine. You will have no regrets! Except for maybe how much butter there is in it. And that it’s fried. But come on…it also has squash. So healthy! :)Not only did I cut up a squash today, I also cut up and baked a spice pumpkin. Why? Because I had the worst pumpkin spice latte ever the other day. It tasted like a bad spice candle smells. So I made my own pumpkin spice latte

and it was gooooood.

I used THIS RECIPE. (thanks Dan Roundhill!) But I didn’t use pumpkin puree. But I would next time. Mine was a bit too pulpy even after I put it in the blender. I had to strain it and it got everywhere…ha!

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