You know what I love? When seemingly unimportant things come seamlessly together like they were packaged and tied with a sweet serendipitous ribbon just for me.

I’ve been loving pussy willows lately. The idea of them. Even though there aren’t any around right now they’ve been on my mind. Any fuzzy little bobbin in nature, really. (Moth bodies and magnolia flower buds included).

I’ve also been MOURNING the loss of Teen Spirit’s watermelon deodorant. I adore the scent and have been wearing it for as long as I can remember. Ever since I started wearing deodorant, I think! It’s kind of my signature scent. (Never mind that Beau doesn’t even like watermelon).

Well I just wanted something unscented and maybe natural since I’ve been sticking cancerous parabens in my pits for the love of a fruity scent. But I’ve been so disappointed with EVERY scent. Including the unscented ones because they really do have a scent. The scent of yuck.

Well… Today Finn, Oliver and I walked (Finn biked, Oliver strolled) to Trader Joes. And what did I find? Natural unscented deodorant. And in the ingredients?
Willow bark.

How beautiful is that?

And then I popped the top and couldn’t smell anything at all. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my nose. But no. It really has no scent. I hope it works!

So now I’m imagining myself adorned with willow.
It mades me think of this painting by Oh My Cavalier:

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