Garden Cinema

Last night Stephanie, Erin and I rode the ferry together to Langley. There was honeysuckle, heart to hearts, and Some Like it Hot. Marilyn Monroe (Sugar Kane) plays the Ukulele in the movie! I was so giddy the whole day I could have died.How is it that I’ve been to Langley so many times, and have never noticed the giraffe… or its prints!!? Proof that in true safari fashion, there is always more in my small world to explore.Artichokes were blooming right in front of us at the Garden Cinema. Like enormous thistles! Langley is where I first saw these behemoths. I adore them!Drinking a “Cucumber Collins.” Stephanie thought I was talking about baby names. That would really be the worst name ever! The food we ate was so amazing. At the cinema the chef of the Inn came out and said he overheard Erin on the ferry saying she wished the popcorn was truffle popcorn….SO HE MADE THE POPCORN TRUFFLE POPCORN. We felt like celebrities!This sedum and succulent garden was on a little rooftop in town. There was also a fake owl perched on top of the roof but I couldn’t get the right angle to capture both… there are some things you just really ought to know so I told you instead :)A four month belly. I felt the baby move on Tuesday. I get to find out the sex next week!Outside the spa. The plan was to get massages but we didn’t really plan very well…they were closing up shop. But the place was so serene and SMELLED so good I felt like I did get a massage!These were Stephanie’s favorite chairs. I love a good chipping aqua beach chair.Somebody had left this on one of the tables. Tres doux! (very sweet)We had never seen this mountain look so prominent on the skyline. We think it may be Pilchuck? Intriguing.Strawberry cotton candy and the happiest girls you will ever find!Oh the sky. It was a feature of the whole day. Bright blue in the morning, brilliant violet in the evening, and as starry as I’ve seen it in ages at night. We wanted to just lay out and gaze into its depths for a day! That night Stephanie and I laid out on the ferry deck pointing out constellations and squealing at shooting stars. And then a shockingly bright spotlight interrupted our reverie…. “nope, not getting frisky captain!”

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  1. what a fabulous day,The mountain is in fact Pilchuck. We have a view of it from our big window and during spring and fall when the sun is at just the right point, it reflects light off the lookout tower windows and we can see the ball of light from my window. I always think it is so magical when I see it.

  2. Thank you for letting me know!! Oh I'd love to see the lookout tower lit up. That does sound magical! I've climbed up to it a couple of times. It would be so fun to think of how I'd been inside where that glow was coming from :)

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