White Stag, Helen Garrett

This article was so touching,

about a white stag that was poached in the Forest of Dean. (Which happens to be where Harry sees the doe patronus in the last book). A photographer who frequented the woods, Robin Hunt, wrote this:

“We walk the trails. We sit and wait, for hours. In the daylight, darkness and snow, waiting anticipating, hoping for a glimpse of a ghost.

“It could be weeks, months or even years waiting for the ghost to appear, but when he did, it felt like it had been moments.

“All the years I have spent walking our Forest, clutching my camera, there was always one thought in the back of my mind and that was hoping for a chance encounter with the White Buck.

“I had been lucky enough to see him a few years ago and photograph him, but there was also another thought in the back of my mind.

“For years, I had been waiting to hear the news that he had been hit by a car or injured during the rut and killed, but to find out that “Trophy Hunters” had got their hands dirty on OUR White giant horrified me.

“To a lot of us, the Forest of Dean and it’s wildlife play a big part in our lives and losing an Icon like the White Buck is like losing part of our heritage.

“He was OURS and he was here to stay.

“I will still walk the trails, I will still sit and wait, in the daylight, darkness and snow, but if I see him now, he truly will be a ghost.

“RIP fella, you will not be forgotten.”

image taken by Robin Hunt

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