Of hair

Yesterday my friend Christie Carioto put up this video of a girl showing how to get vintage style curls without any heat. I’ve been wanting to find a way to easily tame my frizztastic hair without using a curling iron because I always have a mini anxiety attack every time I use hot things near my kiddies. I LOVE the before and after of this style. You basically air dry your hair, hair spray it, put a circular head band around your head, take junks of hair and sort of roll it around and around the band, wear it for a few hours or overnight, and you end up with fantastic, loverly curls that you can brush and play with and lay down on and they just bounce right back. Yay!

Here’s a collage of the before, middle, and end. The before is what my hair looks like if I just let it dry naturally. The classic straight where you want it to be curly and curly where you want it to be straight dilemma! I wore the updo to a dinner last night and got lots of compliments, including some princess Leia ones…heh heh. And then when I took it out and had fabulous hair Beau pretty much couldn’t contain himself. So there you go…so many reasons to try this out ;)

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