The last couple of days France has been on my mind.

Two reasons. The first reason is because yesterday we went on a lovely leisurely bike ride along the Snohomish River with the boys. The Snohomish River Valley reminds me so much of the Dordogne Valley. All I have to do is picture castles on cliffs an I’m there.

Snohomish River
(Peter West Carey Photography)Dordogne River Valley:
(The following pics are mine)

The other reason France is on my mind: The Roundhills are there right now on vacation. Yay! Dan just posted pictures on his blog and a particular picture of Sarah has had me smiling like a crazy person. Why? Because a couple days after I got back from Scotland I went to Anthropologie and saw an adorable pink and white striped top that I could absolutely picture her wearing on the French beaches. But I didn’t know what shipping would be like and didn’t know if she would like pink so instead of buying it for her I just wrote her and told her it reminded me of her. Then when I saw the picture of her on Dan’s blog I squealed! See why?!

Eeeee! She’s so cute!
I wish I was sitting next to her on that blanket
hearing her say, “It’s a Christmas Miracle.”

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