These adorable fabric deer head wall hangings and deer people are in a shop called The Maisonette in Glasgow. Here’s their little online presence: click here. I especially loved the deer because of how many red deer we saw on our highland road trip! Sarah had told me that The Maisonette reminded her of me. Her actual words were, “it screamed Bridget.” And she was right, I loved it! I bought the cu-hoo-test little owl pillow there! It has a lovely floral print on the back that goes perfectly with its new pillow friends:I was really inspired when the nice lady there said that the owners of the shop don’t actually even make any money. It’s just a creative endeavor just for the sake of being artsy and having fun. That’s what I have been doing, too, but always felt like every other artist has everything “together” and makes money. I’m finding out more often than not that’s not so.

Speaking of my art endeavors, I sold my first print from
Bird In Hand while in Scotland! Excitement! The Raven, one of my absolute favorites! Ravens like collecting sparkly things, can learn to speak, and have speckled blue eggs! My mom’s brother had a pet crow when she was a girl. He learned to say, “Hello Joe!” I’m really excited about the print quality. They’re beautiful! I think I’ll put a few in my lounge.(please note use of “lounge” in lieu of “living room.” I’ve decided to start saying things the British way if they sound prettier. Like “trolley” instead of “cart” and “bin” instead of “garbage”)

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