Scotland Travelogue #3.

2 weeks till we’re driving on this road:image source

We’ve decided to leave both Finn and Oliver behind. We’ll only be gone for one week and the time change/travel will probably be too much for him. Also…I would like to read/sleep/just sit and stare off into space at random intervals during this vacay. I’ve been weaning Oliver. My heart is breaking…but so have my *ahem* tender bits because my almost one year old has taken to biting. It’s sippy cup time! And time for a much needed respite.

Sarah sent me a picture of “our” room while we stay there. eeeee! It looks like a hotel. crazy awesome excited.Sarah and Dan are worried they’ll hold us back with Hazel. They need not. I’m used to a snail pace. I adore having kiddies around…and if I’m not the one responsible for a child’s welfare it feels like I’m taking a waking nap. Plus Beau said, “It’ll be like we have a daughter!”

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