At a road stop the other day I stumbled upon
Yoohoo and Friends.
They’re plush little endangered animals in fun colors and fluff and enormous eyes. I admit it. I kinda went insane with love over the little keychain lemur we got Oliver. We needed something to entertain him in the car, and not only did it work like magic, I was entertained for about an hour looking up all the different names and kinds. Here’s some Yoohoos and their wild counterparts. I hope you sigh and ooooh and aaaaah like I did. I’ve never even really been into toys…but Oliver loves stuffed animals…look what he’s done to me! (I bought him the Tamarin for his birthday today :)

Sunny the Tamarin

My favorite! Nevermind that Tamarins are the creepiest most scary looking creatures I’ve ever seen and would probably pee my pants if I saw one in the wild. Remember that scene in The Hunger Games with the Monkeys? Just google Tamarin and you’ll see what I mean. Luckily I found one cute one :

Lemmee the…

This was the little guy that started it all for us. I started looking them up because we couldn’t figure out what kind of animal he was. Racoon? Lesser panda? Meerkat? No…Lemur!

Happee the Lesser Panda
Shooga the Sugar Glider

Most of the pictures I found of this guy were as a pet. Not sure if they’re poached or not so I tried to find one of him gliding:

Chewoo the Red Squirrel

HUGE fan of those ears. Too bad the toy doesn’t do the animal justice. Still super cute, though!

Pammee the Fennec Fox
Yoohoo the Bushbaby
Libby the Iberian Lynx

Lora the Scarlet Macaw
Tiki the Platypus
I couldn’t find a picture of the pink river dolphin..but yeah. Pink dolphin. I love the animals this line chooses!

EDIT. OH GOODNESS. There’s a show. It must be Korean? Wow. Is this something that’s been around forever and I’ve just never noticed?? MUST FIND DUBBED VERSION!

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