Today I’m feeling nautical.
I want to paint some whales.

IMAGES: Patagonia whale t shirt, humpback whale magnet, want want WANT: turquoise ring, whale tissue holder!! (brilliant!), pillow off google, Anthropologie curtains, dolphin bottle opener, etsy sugar star fish barretts.

Edit: Sorry. I just bought the dolphin bottle opener. My mermaid one broke and all we’ve been using is her broken tail. It was definitely time for a replacement.

Edit2: I also just bought the magnet.
They were both under 5 dollars :)

What got this started was a search to find the exact same wooden whale puzzle I grew up with. I want to glue it together and hang it on my wall, I love it so much. But I couldn’t find it so now I think I’ll try to paint something like it instead. (I’ll take a picture of the puzzle later and post it.)

And yes..I know that turquoise (the stone) isn’t really nautical, but ever since Lucy and I had our GREAT DEBATE about the difference between aqua and turquoise, I find that rocks from the dessert connote resort pools. So there you have it.

Huh. I’m not entirely positive about whether or not I used connote correctly in that last sentence. I beg your pardon and hopefully you still catch my drift. The end of post.

A beluga whale with Finn on his first birthday
(Jeremy Leffel)

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