While thrifting yesterday I found a beaded necklace made of purple conch shells. I LOVE it. It makes me feel like I’m Undine lounging in a tropical paradise at sunrise while little baby sea turtles are digging up out of the sand and making their way to sea.

Or something like that.
Please oh please notice how I put Oliver with a toy turtle next to sea turtles. And the little baby wearing the seashell with Undine (with pink fish!).

Don’t you love how sometimes a scent or a color can feel like you’re here:

El Tamarindo Beach

Hey…these are potatoes. Aaaa! Aren’t they adorable?

side note:
I am absolutely in love with the show Wonder Pets on Nick Jr. There’s a turtle, duckling, and guinea pig with the cutest little voices that you ever did hear. It’s so fun to hear Finn randomly sing, “Dis..Is…Sewioooouuus,” just like Ming Ming. My favorite episode is when they go to the forest to save the baby owl and the fireflies help them find their way….yep.

Speaking of Finn’s speaking…today he exclaimed very matter of factly, “OH MY GOSH. I hurt my hand. I am NOT okay.” Then when I went to go help him he said, “Don’t touch it.”
Not quite as worried about his speech any more.

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