I awoke to Forsythia
out the window.

I’m so happy spring has come early because in April I’ll be a zombie cow cooped up in hibernation. That’s how it was last time anyway with the hematoma, so I can’t help but imagine that’s how it will be again. I am hoping that all goes smoothly and I can recover quickly. With Finn it took me about 4 months to be able to walk and sit up without terrible pain. If that happens again summer will be over before I can get out into it! So I am loving each little blossom and ray of sunshine dearly dearly!

But if there is no hematoma, and I recover quickly, by this summer I want to be out and about as much as possible with my chickadees! As I was boardwalking with a friend the other day I admitted that I am drooling over a double stroller the way some would drool over a designer bag or shoes. I don’t want a shower, and I don’t need any new things for this baby boy…but I am obsessed with this stroller!! I love the red, I love how compact it is, I love the swivel wheel, I love the storage, I love that it can go off road. love!

Maybe I can convince Beau this is
a good valentine’s day gift! It is red :)

Speaking of baby, I am officially 30 weeks today.

The 3rd trimester brings with it charlie horses, heartburn, occasional nausea, hormonal surges, take-my-breath-away braxton hicks, popped buttons, and dun dun dun…the bloat. But it also brings more movement, which I have been adoring…

Every time anyone checks this baby’s heart beat they say he’s one of the most active babies they’ve ever heard. He kicks the sonogram because he doesn’t like the noise, and makes it hard to hear his heart. He is such a mover! The ultrasound tech also said this baby was the most difficult one she’d ever done. He just kept on moving! Finn was so laid back in the womb. He’d just roll around a little. I don’t recall any actual kicks of any sort. I always imagined him sleeping soundly. I imagine this guy dancing around all the time. He wakes me up at night with his sporadic movements. Now that he’s getting bigger in there I am really feeling it. It’s always a little disconcerting at the end of the day when I’m ready to take my bra off and relax and realize the tight tension in my ribs isn’t my bra…it’s just me. OWCH!

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