oooh…pretty… Flora Honeydew would ride one of these! (link)

On a slightly unrelated note, Finn and I are currently sharing a golden honeydew melon we successfully melon balled and put into a big bowl. We’re devouring the thing head to head with forks clashing to get all the good pieces. Every time I turn to type Finn hands me my fork and says, “Mama! Fork!” so I keep shoveling the delicious green nectar into my mouth as he is. I am with you for a few seconds, then transported here with Finn:….We just finished, and with a very very full mouth full of pulp and a shirt covered in juice Finn looked up at me and said, “more melon?” I told him it was all gone, so he opened the window and poured the rest of the juice out onto the ground below. …Huh?

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