Bridget and Juliana in Autumnal Indiana.
What’s in these collages?
1. stone stairs chiseled into the wet rocks in our (rainy) slot canyon hike.
2.a frog I accidentally put my hand on while traversing those stairs.
3. a mushroom forest
4. the glorious view from the fire tower
5. leaves, moss, and horseback riders on a Rivendell walk.
6. Sassafras, Sarsaparilla!
7. The bean blossom covered bridge
8. a cider mill where we had the best cider I’ve ever tasted.
9.The artist’s colony of Brown County
10. a suspension bridge into the depths of a forestry adventure!
11. the view of the cascades from the plane ride home.

Here’s some more pictures of our hike through the Turkey Run slot canyon. The first one is snagged from here (to give you a better idea of the color and scale of the canyon), You can also click on the collages to enlarge.
see the steps? So so so cool.
This hike blew me away. Juliana described it like, “It’s in the woods and in a canyon kind of. There’s some waterfalls.” Once we got there I was in shock and awe. …I didn’t realized we would be hiking in a river, traversing ladders down waterfalls, and scaling mossy cliff rocks…in POURING rain. I was so sore the next day! I had to keep reminding Jules I’m 3 months pregnant! I hit a low point when I slipped on a log, almost did the splits, landed in the mud, and had an emotional breakdown! We were laughing the rest of the weekend about it.
And here we are in all our mossy glory….Juliana all glamorous,
and Bridget happy as a wood sprite.

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