The land of War Drobe.

I’ve been gradually working on little contributions to my style for fall, a combination of my existing Woodland Frump and what I’ve coined Starry Owl. The other day Erin texted me in response to my finding grey boots with the title “Woodland Dusk.” Perfection. Soooo. I plan on combining the following recent purchases with the olive green brown and grey in my existing wardrobe.

Eyelet pintuck blouse from Alloy $24
(Thank you to Maryann for being my shopping assistant!)
this adorable hoot owl on my finger. Bought from Mod Cloth. $10Some lovely short grey boots from Target. $25
I have been waiting a whole year for them to come up with some good knock off grey uggs. I do love a deal.
UO purple tights. I think they were $12? (I can’t find them online)Also, I cut more fringe along the sides of my face. I don’t think this is even remotely in style, but for some reason it just felt right. I’m now looking for just the right high-waisted fluffy brown skirt. I’m considering feathers. If not actual ones, the appearance of them (spotted owl comes to mind) and the texture (downy little owlets). I have no idea where I’d find something like that off the rack, but I just may.
I think I’m going to go to a craft store soon and find some spotted brown feathers to just pin into my hair. (They’re pretty inexpensive)
And I still haven’t found a good starry something. (for cheap). If you see something let me know! I’m working on keeping the dinaro down, but I love inspiration so even if it’s designer, I’d love to see. Lucy sends me fun links to all the time :) For example.

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  1. love it!! i'll keep my eyes peeled for starry things and feather-like skirts. i love the way you're thinking. and i looove that ring.

  2. Thank you Erin! Hey just in case you're interested I saw a really cute green purse at Target today. Not as cool as Marc Jacobs, of course, but maybe something to tide you over ;)

  3. i love those grey boots. and your whole style concepts.also. the fringe in your hair looks beautiful, whether in style or not.can we continue a girls night again?

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