I have been looking forward to this weekend all summer. Here are some pictures from last years Lavender Festival!! We’re going tomorrow. And today I convinced Beau to take Finn with him to the Sounders game so I get to go out in the search for some awesome purple accoutrements. I read in a stupid* Glamour magazine that purple is in style. I care little about whether it is trendy for the here and now, and more about how delightful it is that I may be able to find some cute lavender leggings for when I am eating lavender ice cream and drinking in the heavenly scent of the Sequim fields nestled between a silver sea and a mossy mountain range! I’m hoping this year I get to see the herd of elk that frequent the valley. Edmonds Ferry take me away!!

*Domino started sending me Glamour when they went out of business. I could die of frustration. They write their articles in the same way that the popular girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m on the 3rd episode HA!) talks. They actually take pictures of people on the street and make fun of what they’re wearing. Who is this magazine catered to anyway?? Certainly not Domino readers. Give me Cricket instead!

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