Sharon and the Seashell

When I was nannying Shanti and Mette I made up a story game that we would play almost every day I was with them. It begins (with a bit more embellishment of course), “Sharon found a seashell on the beach. She picked it up and listened. She started to hear…..”

Then the girls would shout out something Sharon heard and I would create a story around it..or they would if they were feeling creative. If sharon heard a pirate, she would have an adventure with pirates. If she heard a unicorn she would ride on a unicorn. Shanti loved for Sharon to hear monsters. Mette prefered the happier magical things. My favorite version was when Sharon grew a mermaid tail and swam down into the depths of the sea.

I painted this for friend Sharon..for allowing me to hang my art in the coffee shop. She’s so wonderful to me!

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