Last night I was clicking through pictures of our hotel in Greece put up by people who had stayed there. I highly recommend
Trip Advisor
. It’s how I found our hotel. It has ratings and reviews and accommodations in the area, from restaurants to car rentals. It takes all the nervous unknowns out of the traveling equation… Well…
take a look. (You’ll have to scroll up when it takes you to that link to see the whole page)

Anyway… it may inspire you to travel somewhere like it did for me! I literally was thinking…”hmmm. I’d like to go to Greece. Maybe I’ll look at hotels on Trip Advisor…” and found Aris Caves on there. After seeing the pictures, reading the reviews, and seeing the great rates, I knew I just had to go there! And now I get to count the days to June when I’ll find myself sunning on that balcony and sleeping in that hobbit hole! It’ll be our first vacation in 5 years…I can’t wait!

Then today I realized that to have a friend tell me about Trip Advisor would be cherished information so I thought I’d pass on the travel bug….

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