I. am. so. excited.

for these movies!! I love looking forward to fun summer movies. And I LOVE going to the theater. Even though I’m thrown into minor OCD behavior by the thought of lice on my seat and sticky floors and OH GOOD LORD IS THAT A TOILET PAPER TRAIL COMING OUT OF THAT STALL?? Never gets old for me.

Star Trek comes out Friday. Did you know I’m a trekkie? I’ve only seen the original star treks and half the movies, but that doesn’t matter. Anyone can enjoy this movie because it’s the beginning! Although I must say I do feel privileged to already know and love all the characters. Wish I could see it with Erin, but it looks like it’ll be a date for Beau and me. Which fits well because we rented them all together walking to Fremont over the canal and back under the stars then holing up in our little treehouse condo. Call me weird, but that’s what I think of when I think of SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER.

our condo, where I watched billions of old Star Treks
and went where no (wo)man has ever gone before.

Harry Potter…well if you don’t know about my absolute obsession and devotion to Harry then you don’t know me at all. Ginny. Oh Ginny! I’m getting ready to cry and have the pants scared off me during HBP. Definitely going to have butterbeers and wear Hogwarts scarves with my homies beforehand.

And then of course New Moon…I told you I fell deep into the clutches of those ridiculous books, right? Still there. (the new moon poster is fan made, but I love it so whatever.. Note her embroidered shirt.) I wish with every fiber of my being I could see it with Juliana. The one and only friend who introduced the books to me…here’s a picture of her wearing her homemade Twilight shirt at the theater….

There is also a new Hayao Miyazaki film coming out which Erin just informed me of today. Ponyo It’s about a 5 year old boy and a goldfish princess. It looks totally WEIRD, which is exactly how I love his films.

Aaaand of course there’s Where the Wild Things Are. How could a mother of a little boy NOT be excited for it? Jamie gave me the idea for this:

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