I love these beautiful Mexican embroidered tunic dresses by
Aida Coronado. I’ve been seeing ethnic prints pop up here and there, but these authentic ones are the prettiest and most lovely I’ve seen. I love how she mixes her roots with modern fashion. I’ve been drooling over her blog and all the summery bohemian pictures of her work. I have no idea how much they cost because her website and her Etsy shop is down…but I’m guessing a bit out of my price range because they’re all hand made by Aida herself. So today I got a black dress with white embroidery from Ross. I’m hoping to wear it in Osoyoos, Greece, and all through the summer! And I still have my embroidered white dress from UO that I’m excited about mixing with some bohemian accessories. Fun!

The other thing that I really love about this style is that it is modest. For some reason I’m suddenly more sensative to these things. I feel like everything at the mall fits like Meredith’s casual friday dress on The Office. Ugh.

Okay…so now here is something I did to just have a little fun with my ideas for embroidered dresses……

embroidered dress
photo shoot
(I can’t think of a clever name..
I’m too busy wringing myself out*)

I wasn’t supposed to look so biotchity in the above picture..I didn’t get very many pictures before the sun went behind the CLOUDS.

Here’s me pretending to be
See how nice and slick my hair is?

*While getting everything ready for this fun little photo shoot it began to POUR down rain. Right when I was on my way to get some bright red rhododendrons from down the street. My clothes and perfectly placed hair were DRENCHED. Such is life!

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