Detox Diary#8
38hrs of detox

My appetite is so decreased that I’ve been forgeting to drink my juice. I am going to force myself to have a lot for lunch. My skin has become pale due to toxins being released in my blood. My tongue feels fuzzy, another result of released toxins. My sinuses don’t feel as congested as they did yesterday, I wonder if some of the tension has been released. I need to remember to drink more water so that everything is able to flush properly. I have occasional twinges of headaches, but for the most part I feel pretty normal. Not as light headed as yesterday. My glands are a tiny bit swollen.

Side effects of the juice fast taken from this article
“There are certain side effects that you may encounter when you commence your juice fast. When you start your fast your body will be trying to eliminate a large amount of toxins from its cells. The noticeable effects of this can include headaches, nausea and dizziness as the blood recieves waste toxins from your cells. This is a natural part of the detox. Many people who fast believe that the fast is complete 2 days after this uncomfortable stage of the juice fast has ended [that will hopefully be sometime tomorrow]. You may also experience bad breath and a ‘furry’ tongue [totally happening to me] as the body attempts to expel toxins through the throat and mouth.
You may experience a surge in energy levels when juice fasting and while gentle exercise such as walking is ok, intense exercise such as weight lifting, long distance running etc are not recommended.
After fasting your mind will be more alert and your energy levels will be higher. You may also experience an increased sex drive.”

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