Click here for another cool link that talks about Juice “feasting”. This site has a much more serious, natural perspective than this other one I posted about earlier. Both give good viewpoints on juice fasting.

“What has been my experience of Juice Feasting so far?
In a word: AMAZING. I am LOVING it. I feel so much more capable Feasting than I ever have before on a fast. My skin is vibrant, I’m losing weight again and my body is throwing out masses of old toxins. I feel so much energy –doing yoga and jogging almost every day and getting through just as much work as usual. I tend to drink around 5-6 litres (around 1.5 gallons) of fruit/green juice a day on the Feast, and feel so blessed to be doing this in Costa Rica, surrounded by incredible exotic fruits and coconuts…” ~Angela Stokes

Cleanse Journal #6

12:08PM 26 hours of detox
We dropped by my mom’s to pick blackberries and beg Lucy to come with us to the Walnut. My mom made me a spinach, peach, banana shake. I ate half a carrot, a little handful of edamame, and a cup of chamomile tea. I am now drinking Tropical Carrot/Garden Patch.

I feel very light headed. When we were at the Walnut I felt a bit fuzzy. But my body has super human energy. I feel light as a feather. I feel like I could float off the ground like a helium balloon. But my strength doesn’t match, which kind of cracks me up.

My pee is bright yellow. Like…fluorescent. My dad told me this is because of all the nutrients and vitamins I’m getting. Cool.

My dad also said that patients of his who have done this love it so much that they decide to do it once a month. I have yet to feel that attached.

People with diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, malnutrition, addictions, underweight, anemia, impaired immune function, infection, nutritional deficiency, low blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, cancer, terminal illness, epilepsy, pregnant, breastfeeding, or other chronic conditions shouldn’t try a juice fast or should do so only under strict medical supervision.

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