For those of you who are wondering:
“what the heck are you doing??”
click here
(for a medical-ish article on juice detoxing.)

Today I read about a journalist who went to a 10 day juice detox spa type place that the rich and famous go to. She had similar feelings like I am in the beginning, but by the end said, “I realise I have been feeding Jelly Babies and Jaffa Cakes not to my body, but to my lonely, angry soul. And I do feel different. I feel connected to all living things. to flowers and birds….my liver is happy. And my spleen is ecstatic.” You can read that article HERE
Her voice is very funny and lighthearted. It’s a good read :)

Detox Diary #4
7:13pm approximately 9 hours of detox.
I have had 8 glasses of juice. A couple handfuls of edamame for protein. And a little bite off of the pizza I made for Beau. I AM SO HUNGRY! slight headache.

Still feel like a backed up slug.

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