Today I found out that people have very strong emotions about corn.  I posted this close-up picture to Instragram this morning:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.40.14 PMComments have run the gamut from “Sexy” to “rank”.  People think they look like balloons, gems, agates, grapes, and jewels.

Hi everyone!!!! Does anyone know is it possible to find NOT SWEET CORN? I love corn, but boiled and salted. Please, help! 😱😱😱

Unfortunately, the very thing that has me curled up in pain. Going on 5yrs of corn free.

How gross is this up close.

@fionabrownhovelt not the worst I’ve seen, but bulgingly shiny and weird

@callista_dale what is this? Lol

Do you have any strong feelings about corn?  My instagram is @flora.forager :)


Of Egypt, opals, and subliminal messages.

I’ve been thinking about Egypt and Opals a lot lately. IMG_0520-001Enough so that I keep seeing things that remind me of them. Those little synchronicity moments that make you believe the universe is trying to tell you something keep cropping up all around me. Is Egypt in the zeitgeist?  Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.19.09 PMWe watched Aladdin, I studied hieroglyphs and Cairo street magic, I made a work of art inspired by the pharaohs.  IMG_8271And then I looked at Opals on Etsy.  (image from Hawkhouse)Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.21.28 PMI’d always wanted an opal ring as a child and thought perhaps my psyche was telling me that I still do. I told my sister Lucy and she showed me an advert on Catbird for a whole slew of opal jewelry because opals are the birth stone for October. (I had no idea) She said my taste is ahead of the curve. But this type of thing happens enough that I know I must, MUST have seen something out of the corner of my eye and my brain told me I thought of it. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.03.06 PMAt that point I started thinking it might be subliminal. I’ve been watching some Derren Brown shows (he’s a famous British mentalist) for the last few days trying to figure out if there is some reason why someone wants me to think of opals and Eqypt. How odd!

Then a friend sent me some Luna Moth wings from the east coast. And low and behold…they are the exact color of opals, even the shimmery iridescence.  And they have eyes that look like Cleopatra!  What does it mean!?IMG_0129Derren Brown would say that my mind simply wants to categorize and organize everything. There is no rhyme or luck, but that I have the innate personality trait of looking for opportunity. I think that’s partly true.  I definitely do believe I tend to notice things others walk past.  That’s been said to me enough times. But still.  Sometimes there are things that happen that just cannot be explained by chance.  Like writing about a fairy ring, then having one pop up in my front garden. (unless I saw it out of the corner of my eye without realizing it.) IMG_0128This one is of the moon, giving the Luna Moth its name. I love that they came right after the lunar eclipse!


If nature does give us subliminal messages what are we supposed to think of that?  It’s not some advertisement screaming at us.  It’s the natural world.  It is a seemingly free enterprise with some seasonal reason, but not any driving force making us do things. We are also a free agent within that world. If I keep seeing opal colored the pumpkin I bought, the luna wings, and the raw opal I cut out of a rock that I want to make a ring out of…what is the point of that?  IMG_0515Why do we have these urges and needs for things like color, beauty, and places? Is my own brain catching and sending me subliminal messages?  Or is God, with all the need and strife and pain in the world, choosing to give me an eye for opals. The latter seems ridiculous to me if you think in a broader sense than self. But perhaps an opportunity is about to arise, and I’ll take it, and will look back at all the little things that lead me to it and know without a shadow of doubt that it was all meant to be.  For now, all I know is it’s opals opals opals everywhere.  And a strange irresistible urge to travel to Egypt. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.18.27 PM

Magic Beans

  The pea patch on our street has an amazing runner bean teepee. I love walking through to look at the beautiful flowers and work my neighborhood has done, and letting my boys play in the children’s garden.  

 (I should say they pulled off some beans before I had a chance to tell them not to.  I’m not sure what the rules are, but I would have prevented them if I could.) As it was, they discovered that the beans were giant purple and pink splattered beans! They look like little galaxies!  Harry was convinced they were magic beans like in Jack and the Beanstalk. And with the power to make a huge teepee we could all sit in, I think he’s right! 

Here’s a few more photos of the patch. I love it there! 


Sweet September 

I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte today. Under an oak tree dropping acorns, with a dear friend, and wearing plaid. Then we went to a used book store and an English garden covered in vines. It was misty and dark, and our hearts were filled with warmth. September is one of my favorite months.

 I didn’t used to love September. School and darkness and the loss of green used to make me heartsick. But a few years ago I was making an upside down apple pie, Oliver was kicking in my tummy, and I looked outside at the changing leaves and I thought for the very first time in my life, “I like fall!”  It’s been a world of discovery ever since.  And now I idealize it just a bit…. 

 Private school girl outfit! 

Ok maybe a lot. 

Now that little baby Oliver is about to start kindergarten, and before he has a chance to hate this month for the impending homework, he is pointing things out to me that cheer me up on dark days.

“Look at that spider web! It’s covered with rain drops!” (Dew)

“Mama! I haven’t had tea in a very long time!” A child after my own heart! 

 Joey’s Mapleside (where I imagine I am in Avonlea) and the pumpkin she’s growing for our doorstep). 

I am loving a new mystery book Joey introduced to me about a girl named Flavia De Luce called The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  It’s an appropriate name for the way I feel about this season. It was, after all,  the sweetness at the bottom of my apple pie that gave me my first romantic feelings for September! (Though I have a suspicion that in the book that sweetness will have something to do with poison.  Let’s hope the analogy ends there). 

 (a painting I think I did during that first September.)

Whether it be mystery novels, a new cozy rain coat, the inaugural fire in the fireplace, a pumpkin spice latte, or a leaf changing in an aurora of brilliant colors…my you find sweetness this September. 


The perfect Chair

The Saga

Call them what you like.  Ghost chairs, crystal chairs, invisible, plastic…I love them. Desktop22I first saw these in vintage form, two crystal looking angular chairs at Land of Nod. I was ecstatic!  Invisible chairs!  Diamond chairs!  They’re so shiny and pretty!  Like something from an ice castle!  I wanted to buy them, but was told they were not for sale. They were floor models, but I was given the name of a place in Italy that sold them for $300.  Boo. Then Beau tried to buy what he thought I was describing for our anniversary, and it was the wrong chair. THEN I found this one for $55 at a consignment shop just down the road.  Oh Ravenna, you do delight.

I’ve needed something that would work in this little slot since we moved in.  A place to sit, but something that didn’t get in the way of the flow of the large, segmented room.  I’m in love!

The End. Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.33.18 PMSources are in this pinterest file:

A year of sunsets.

A year ago I was missing the salty air and glittering reflection of the sea. I asked my mom if she would snap of pic of the sunset each night and send it to me so I could imagine myself there. She said she would. 

And she did. 


 Thank you, Mama.  This was true love for your daughter.  Please don’t ever stop! 

The Transformative Power of Journaling

I am a firm believer in journaling as a form of self therapy. From a very early age I was questioning the world and myself on the pages of a spiral notebook. I remember distinctly the first time I could feel the answers flowing through my own pen.  Was it the voice of God, my own psyche, or just my brain organizing my thoughts and flowing forth wisdom?  I can’t really tell you.  But I do know that journaling always helps me find balance. About four years ago I read a book called The Artist’s Way.  To simplify it, it is a guided journey into your desires.  Through little tasks set out for each week, spending time alone with your inner artist, using mantras and self encouragement, and journaling three pages every morning, the book helps you find your calling as a creator. Since completing The Artists Way I have written a book, become best friends with a writers group I cannot imagine my life without, started Flora Forager, and signed a book deal with Sasquatch Books…for a journal!  It’s all come back around, and I am so thrilled to be creating what will hopefully be a catalyst for those seeking their own inner voice. People can make it a prayer book, make it a forager field guide, use it to press flowers, or simply write their morning pages. I am so happy to be giving my heart and soul for something I truly believe in.  The journal will feature nine new scenes and approximately twenty-four new animals.  I can’t share any of it online, but I’ll try to give as many sneak peeks as possible!


Remembering France

My friends Rachel and Stephanie both went on french adventures in the last couple of years. Steph just got back and her stories had me reminiscing back to my road trip there with Beau.  We were 20 years old, freshly married, and unseasoned travelers.  It was crazy, emotional, and… ridiculously beautiful.  It was one of the first times I realized the best, most memorable experiences are the ones unplanned. travels9-001travels9-002travels9 travels9-003 travels9-004 travels9-005 travelstravels9-006 travels9-007

Three days in the Garden State

This week I was treated to a lovely few days in Lambertville New Jersey to create cover art and chapter titles for Danny Seo’s new cookbook: Naturally, Delicious. Danny Seo is the leading Green Living expert and editor of Naturally magazine, and our photographer was Armondo Rafael who does work for the a Wallstreet Journal and assigments all over the world. (I was a little awestruck!) It was a lot of hard work, inspiring play, a learning experience, and of course…incredible food. I stayed in the Lambertville Station Inn along the Delaware River, where George Washington made his crossing. Everywhere you look in this green county there is quaint beauty, from the Wildflower Preserve to the colorful row houses filled with antiques. I wish I’d had more time to explore, but when the book comes out you’ll see why I was preoccupied. Here are a few shots of my very first business trip.  (If business looks like this, bring it on!) 

   This last shot was a reject for the book so I got to keep it. The pop corn is begonia flowers!