Faerie moments

I was browsing through old blog posts tonight and was delighted by some of the faerie moments I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of in the last couple of years.

Collages32Why is it so easy to forget the beauty we have at our feet, every sunrise, around the corner, in a cobweb?  I do again and again and again.

Contentment amnesia.

Oh that I would be delighted by moments like these at every breath! I know they are mine for the taking if I would only open my eyes and stop fluttering away inside of myself. I want to be a magical being.  A muse, a poet, a bright spot, a flower!

Remembrance will do for today.

Out of darkness

Gorgeous bright light is shattering through my lead glass windows, making rainbows across the room. Oliver shouts, “mama! It’s sunny!” as he pulls back the drapes.

The light pools into me and I can feel the aching overcast parts of me filled.

It’s been dark for the last few days. The weekend was swathed in brooding gray. My hair was dewy, my boots soaked through. I could not get warm. I kept telling myself it was necessary. Necessary for this moment right now.

I read recently a quote about how you can judge a person’s character by their patience when they have nothing, and their attitude when they have much. I thought, oh dear.
I have been wallowy about not finishing the edits to my book and haven’t had the will to continue. And I’ve been begrudging the workload I’ve put on myself for other projects that are going swimmingly.

I want to be content and thankful, hard working and humble in every circumstance. I want to be the person who sees beauty in the darkness, and doesn’t waste the light.

It’s a lesson I’m swallowing whole today.



IMG_0293.JPGI had such a lovely birthday! I had no plans, so early this week the Kindreds cooked up a plan to take me to Whidbey Island. I went to all my favorite spots, and found some new ones!
A massage at the Inn at Langley, trips to Cultus Bay Nursery (so darling!) and Meerkerk Gardens (where we found Hagrid’s hut), breakfast at Useless Bay Coffee Co., and dinner at Prima! Plus shops and jaunts and presents thrown in. A perfect day!


Oh and how could I forget? It all started with me acting surprised by the birthday cake we had waiting for us for breakfast. Finn said he thought a fairy probably brought it :)

Merry Christmas, Love the Collins Family!

christmas collins copy

I didn’t send out cards this year, but this morning I thought I’d have a little fun in photo shop :)

Finn is 7. He loves Mine Craft, truffle pizza, and wearing moccasins around the house.  He is reading Harry Potter every night!

Oliver is 4. He loves Mako Mermaids, macarons, and cushion forts. He is still extremely introverted, but watches your every move and word.

Harry is 2. He loves Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs, sugar, and interpretive dance. He thinks he is the ruler of the house and is yet to be contested.

Beau and I are 31. We are both insanely busy with creative projects while stay at home parenting, fight then fall madly in love every few days, and are planning a trip to Vienna just the two of us this spring.

The twelve days of christmas (Flora Forager style)

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…parrot feathers in a pear tree! img_9162On the second day of christmas my true love gave to me…two snake skin shedsimg_9161…three tiny mothsimg_9112…four sparkling geodesimg_9022…FIVE JEWEL BEETLESimg_8966…six fiddle headsimg_8725…seven crystals (swan a swimming) img_8728…eight camellia budsimg_8723…nine pinecones img_8816…ten kumquatsimg_8828…eleven pussy willowsimg_8720…twelve mimosa seed pods!img_8574


This year I made wreaths for advent each Sunday. I can still remember lighting the advent candles when I was a little girl in a twinkle lit church. It’s made for a nostalgic month for me, and next year I want to start a tradition of lighting the four candles with my boys. The brilliant anticipation is like following the star! IMG_7659.JPG